An invaluable gift from God-Sree Mahadeva College in Vaikom

The arrival of a new college, the first of its kind in Vaikom municipal area marks the fulfillment of a long cherished need and aspirations of people living in and around Vaikom. We have holy places of worship in our locality such as temples, churches and mosques. They loudly declare the kind of a noble tradition the people in and around are nurturing. They will also inspire people to cultivate and enhance the spiritual culture which will eventually be passed on to posterity. In the same way an educational institution in our locality will open up ample opportunities for the overall growth and development of people and the place. With the arrival of Sree Mahadeva College, an invaluable gift from God, all of us have been elevated to a higher level of pride and prestige. Now it is up to us to take full advantage of the golden opportunity that has come to us as a rare blessing.

There is no magic wand, miracle or wishful thinking that can bring about growth and development of people or prosperity and reputation to the institution. We should look around and see elsewhere in the country to learn how similar institutions have grown to such amazing heights and dimensions. You will then discover the secrets of their success uncovering as “Inspiration and perspiration”. Without ambition, decision, determination dedication and hard work or smart work, no one can achieve noble goals through noble means. Looking from this perspective, the Management, the teachers, the students, the parents and the public in general should realize the importance and urgency with which they should take up and carry out the heavy responsibility of building a new organization. As far as this college is concerned, the present Management is the beginner to light the first lamp, the teachers and students can claim to be the first team and it’s leaders, the parents will be looked upon as role models for others to follow. The general public can be proud being part of this great event and attempt. We can remember with a sense of pride that the contributions made by the first team of teachers, students, parents and the general public will go into the history of this college in golden letters.

I will not be doing justice to myself if I do not mention another very important issue that is continuously agitating my mind. It is about discipline or self discipline. I am talking about the discipline of all concerned, the Management, the teachers, the students and parents. It is very unfortunate that our society is becoming a sinking ship, sinking with unbearable heavy burden of serious crimes. I do not have to elaborate on this as all of us are well aware of what is happening around us. A possible solution to this vexing problem can be the introduction of a structured “study and practice” program for building a sound positive character base for the students along with their regular studies. What is the use of very high level qualifications and degrees if they are in the hands of broken characters? I wish and pray that our Sree Mahadeva college takes the lead to formally or informally begin a serious “Learn and practice” program for building exemplary character and become role models for others to follow.